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Tasting Notes: The nose is deep and sophisticated - think dark berry compote, fizzy and slightly floral root beer candies, and chocolate ganache. The palate continues with these deeper notes of blackberry and spiced grape soda, clove and ginger spices nipping at the sides of the mouth with toasted vanilla bean, poached pear, chocolate dipped graham cracker, and charred oak. The finish is creamy and vanilla sweetened, continuing to dance between sugary orange candies and charred oak. About the product: Never Say Die Bourbon is distilled and aged in Kentucky for five years, then shipped in its original barrels across the Atlantic Ocean, to be further aged for at least a year and bottled in Northern England. Never Say Die Bourbon is the English take on the American Dream, inspired by a champion racehorse that won against all odds, changing the course of racing and music history forever.
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