Operating since 1945, UFS is a family owned company. UFS strives to give its customers the best product for the best price. We are active in our community and take pride in being part of historic downtown Peoria.

In the 1940's a gentleman from Peoria went to the freight yards and noticed something they called unclaimed freight. He paid pennies on the dollar for the merchandise and re-sold it to locals for incredibly low prices. This idea grew into a business he called "Unclaimed Freight Store". As the business grew he moved into a building to store and sell his goods.

In 1967 Unclaimed Freight Store built a store on SW Adams Street. Mitchell Serafin was hired as general manager and the business thrived on what was then the south part of downtown Peoria. Mr. Serafin bought a share of the business from one of two brothers, and then in 1985 he bought the remaining interest from the other brother.

Throughout the 70's & 80's many retailers abandoned this part of town in favor of greener pastures in other developing areas, but the store known as UFS Savings Center remained. People didn't seem to mind since the prices at UFS were so incredibly low. High rent meant high prices, so the decision was made to stay on Adams St. and add an Appliance and Cabinet store.

In 2003, UFS invested over $2,000,000.00 to develop blighted property directly across the street. The new store was opened as the UFS Furniture & Sleep Center. This building houses not only furniture and mattresses but also appliances. It has grown to become Peoria's premiere shopping destination for people looking for quality home wares at incredible prices.

Today, third-generation owner Gerard Wiegand carries on the tradition of hard work, family values and incredible customer service; keeping the business and community alive and growing for years to come.