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Points. Rewards. Prizes.

Join now and start earning 2.5% on every purchase!*





Q: How do I join? 

A: Just give a cashier your name, phone number, and email address. That's all we need!



Q: Why do you need my phone number and email? 

A: Your phone number is required so that we can find your account in the event you lose your card... it happens. We will never call you, or sell your number to those awful telephone marketers. 


We use your email to send you updates and member-only offers. You can always opt-out, but you may miss important updates and event opportunities if you choose to do so.  We will never give or sell your email to anyone. 



Q: Do I get 2.5% back on EVERYTHING that I buy?

A: Well... Almost everything. Here is a breakdown: 

Beer - 2.5%
Wine - 2.5%
Spirits - 2.5%
General Merchandise - 2.5%
Furniture - 2.5%
Flooring - 2.5%
Mattresses - 2.5%
Appliances - 2.5%
Cabinets - 2.5%
Hardware - 2.5%
Housewares - 2.5%
Electronics - 0%
Food - 0%
Water & Soda - 0%
Motor Oil - 0%​​

Q: How do I get 2.5% back? 

A: Every time you make a qualifying purchase you earn points. Once you have earned 100 points you can redeem those points at your next purchase.



Q: What are points? 

A: Points are how we track your purchases. On all qualifying purchases, you earn 1 point per dollar spent. Each point is worth approximately 2.5 cents in UFS In-Store Credit.  If your account has more than 100 points, you can redeem those points on any purchase you'd like. 



Q: Do points ever expire?

A: Your points never expire. You can keep accumulating them for as long as you wish. 



Q: How do I redeem points? 

A: When you make a purchase at the register and have over 100 points, the cashier will let you know that you have points available to use. Make sure you give the cashier your phone number or Big Deal Club card during checkout!



Q: How do I see my point balance? 

A: Your point balance is printed at the bottom of each receipt. If you would like to know your balance before you shop, call our customer service desk at 309-673-4503





*Only one account per household. Certain items may earn zero or partial points. Points cannot be refunded or reissued in any monetary form. Points do not accrue for taxes paid. Sale items are ineligible for earning points. By joining this program member accepts conditions governing its use. Points may be canceled or membership revoked as UFS deems necessary. Points have no cash value and are UFS Store Credit only. UFS Reserves the right to change this program's rules, regulations, or conditions as it deems necessary. See store for additional details.




For More Information Call:  (309) 673-4503 

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